A cross-platform tool for visualizing large and high-dimensional data

Large-scale high dimensional data visualization is highly valuable for scientific discovery in many fields of data mining and information retrieval. PlotViz is a 3D data point browser that visualizes large volume of 2- or 3-dimensional data as points in a virtual space on a computer screen and enable users to explore the virtual space interactively. PlotViz was initially designed to consume outputs of dimension reduction algorithms for visualizing high-dimensional data in a lower-dimensional space, such as Multi-dimensional Scaling (MDS) and Generative Topographic Mapping (GTM). Used together with such dimension reduction algorithms, PlotViz can help users to discover intrinsic structures of high-dimensional data and browse large volumes of data points interactively and efficiently in a virtual 3D space.

Key Features and Functions

  • 3D data point visualization in a virtual space.

  • Overlaying meta data information, such as cluster information, name, or images, over data points to provide rich information to users.

  • User-friendly interactive GUI, including zooming and rotating.

  • A light-weight cross platform client running on Windows, Mac, and Linux.


ISE & Data Science 

Indiana University

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