“The joy of discovery is certainly the liveliest that the mind of man can ever feel”

- Claude Bernard -
  • High-Performance Massive Subgraph Counting using Pipelined Adaptive-Group Communication

  • Parallelizing Big Data Machine Learning 

  • Scalable Query and Analysis for Social Networks: An Integrated High-Level Dataflow System with Pig and Harp


  • HarpGBDT: Optimizing Gradient Boosting Decision Tree for Parallel Efficiency

  • Anomaly Detection over Streaming Data: Indy500 case study

  • Performance Characterization of Multi-threaded Graph Processing Applications on Many-Integrated-Core Architecture

Media Coverage
  • Harp-DAAL Raises Hadoop Platform to Knights Landing Height, an article on The Next Platform.

  • Twister4Azure is first project listed in Cloud Research Projects of Microsoft Research

  • Twister is listed in Microsoft’s Research Project Daytona

  • Finding and counting tree-like subgraphs using MapReduce

  • Scalable Parallel Computing on Clouds Using Twister4Azure Iterative MapReduce

  • Interpolative multidimensional scaling techniques for the identification of clusters in very large sequence sets

Invited Talks
  • Real-Time Anomaly Detection from Edge to HPC-Cloud, Big Data and Extreme-Scale Computing 2 Workshop (BDEC2)

  • High-Performance AI: A View from Systems and Frameworks

  • High-Performance Big Data Computing with Harp-DAAL

Other Publications
  • Harp-DAAL for High Performance Big Data Computing, Intel Magazine

  • Editorial for Special Issue for Emerging Computational Methods for the Life Sciences Workshop 2012

  • Generalizing MapReduce as a Unified Cloud and HPC Runtime

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