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Image by Iñaki del Olmo

Salsa Digital Library

A functional public web service

This is searchable archive which have stored academic papers, technical reports, talks, presentation, books and book chapters, etc. These academic articles are all written and given by Dr. Geoffrey C. Fox and his students.

In addition, This project is sponsored by Maureen Biggers, Assistant Dean for Diversity and Education of School of Informatics and Computing and supervised by Judy Qiu, Assistant Director of Pervasive Technology Institute at Indiana University Bloomington.


Our purpose is to provide a functional public web service for others to read and search those academic articles online. This web service supports the following functions with using Django Python Framework and Whoosh Indexing Tool:

List Archive : show all the records within our archive
Search : A Search Engine which uses customized Whoosh indexing with correlated keywords


If you have any question about this project, please send a e-mail to Enjoy!!

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